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Giovanni La Fauci

One of the most experienced and important master distillers in Italy, Giovanni La Fauci needs no introduction. Having worked in the sector for almost 40 years and always for the best wineries in the peninsula, distillation now has no secrets for him, having distilled from pomace to the rarest and most forgotten exotic fruits. It all started for fun in grandfather's small workshop when he was only 14, from then on the rest is history.

Mariella Torre

A faithful and present wife, she has been sustaining her husband for many years and has always supported and encouraged him since the dawn of the distillery. For more than 30 years she has dealt with administrative and bureaucratic aspects trying to take care of relationships with suppliers and customers. Always divided between home and office, in addition to managing the company herself, she also takes care of all the tasks related to the domestic economy, keeping at bay and beating the three men who live with her.

Giuseppe La Fauci

The second of the two sons inherited the same passion and dedication as his father. He has fully followed in the footsteps of his father from whom he learned the techniques and secrets of artisan distillation, and although he is still very young, Vodka and Gin are two products entirely designed and made by himself. With one eye fixed on traditions and the other attentive to changes in the world of mixology, his task is to innovate while respecting the ancient rules of distillation.

Rocco La Fauci

The eldest of the two children, his task is to take care of the administrative, managerial and bureaucratic aspects. Doctor of Business Administration at the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna, being very thoughtful and cynical, he tries to trace the corporate objectives and find the best ways to achieve them. Together with his brother, he took care of the entire graphic restyling of all products and deals with digital marketing and social media marketing, always trying to bring breath of innovation to the company.

Beginning with a pure vocation and trying to make what until then had been a youthful recreation into a real job, in 1987 the Master Distiller Giovanni La Fauci founded the GIOVI distillery, located in Valdina in the Messina area.

It boasts an excellent reputation nationally and internationally, due to the very high quality of its products.

The discontinuous alembic still used for processing, an ancient “Zadra”, has been modified in some of its parts, to be adapted to the needs of a very slow wood-fired distillation.

In addition to the spirits, since 2009, the company also produces four wine labels with grapes from vineyards located at high altitudes in the Etna area. The Master Distiller personally follows the entire production process, from the care of the vine, grown in a natural way without the use of chemicals, to the refinement in the bottle.

The production philosophy, oriented towards quality and authenticity, makes Giovi distillates and wines increasingly appreciated by the international critics of the sector.

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