The drink list dedicated to Giovi London Dry Gin tends to tell the story and philosophy of the La Fauci family company through four drinks. The company was founded 40 years ago by Giovanni and Vincenza in Fondachello Valdina, in the province of Messina, where the master distiller began distilling the marc of many wine producers from various areas of Sicily. Over the years the company expanded and, exploiting its land on Mount Etna, began distilling fresh fruit such as peaches, apricots, cherries and even prickly pears.
The love and passion for distillation have been inherited by the new generations who, with their arrival, carry on new projects by starting to distil a London Dry Gin and a Vodka. The person who has worked so hard and who has persistently carried out this project is Giuseppe, son of Giovanni. After a period of experimentation, in collaboration with his father, he managed to give life to what we know today as Giovi London Dry Gin.

Drink List London Dry Gin Giovi

The pleasure and desire to maintain high standards make this product an excellence. The raw material, Sicilian wheat, is purchased and fermented in the company, and then it is distilled in a column for the first time, at which point it is redistilled with only fresh and Italian botanicals. Only demineralized water is added to the London Dry Gin and after being filtered it undergoes a light refinement process in the bottle.

It is precisely this philosophy of thought that has made it possible to benefit various Sicilian generations and beyond, maintaining this direct relationship between the company and their customers, always and forever. The company aims to maintain this philosophy, and this is how other generations will benefit from this quality in the future.

The drink list has been designed to benefit all generations, and every drink is aimed at you. We have benefited and will certainly continue to do so over time.

Giovasti, Giovavi, Giovi, Gioverai.

– Giovasti: With this drink we invoke the traditions, our land, since the dawn. Giovasti is a mature, structured and full-bodied drink. A meditation drink, for people who need to disconnect, even if only for a short time, from the frenzy of the most tiring or stressful days.


– Giovavi: The drink that begins to be a bridge between the previous and current generation. It tells of loyalty, between father and son, and in general of loyalty in the family, but also towards one’s own land, as towards one’s friends. A companion drink, without a shadow of a doubt, perhaps drunk for the occasion of a celebration.


– Giovi: Now and now, with no time to think, to enjoy the moment and to be happy all together. The drink is light, fresh and simple. It should be enjoyed as the present, without second thoughts and anxieties for the future. The present is life, everything else does not belong to it.

– Gioverai: it is the future, the new trend. The new generation approaching the world. And what is the future if not that adrenaline caused by the desire to know who we will be, where we will be and with whom we will celebrate?

The Giovi Vodka project has much more remote roots than you think. In fact, Giovanni, the company's master distiller, has been fermenting and distilling wheat for ten years. It is there that, unknowingly, it all began, when he began to produce a vodka for the famous American actor of Sicilian origin Chazz Palminteri (Bivi Vodka).
Giovanni immediately used the Tumminia and Russello grains, native Sicilian grains. Giovi vodka is the first project in which the whole family cooperates with the aim of creating the first completely Sicilian vodka. In the beginning Giovanni began producing wheat spirit and then, together with the whole La Fauci family, produced a second product by modifying the method of production of the brandy, precisely, the Giovi Vodka.

Drink List Vodka Giovi

The difference between brandy and vodka lies in the distillation. While the former is distilled in a pot still, the latter is distilled in a column alembic. Dad Giovanni, mother Mariella and their two sons Rocco and Giuseppe, after so many sacrifices, thus succeed in producing a product of excellence. Taking a step back, let us tell you how Giovi Vodka is produced. Once the wheat arrives at the company, it is fermented under the watchful eyes of the whole family. Wheat wine, as well as fermented wheat, is distilled twice in the small but original column of the distillery. Once the alcohol content of 95% has been reached, the vodka is aged for six months in steel, and then diluted with demineralized water from the Peloritani Mountains until it reaches 40 °. It is then filtered with activated carbon and finally bottled and distributed.

The first drink list dedicated to Vodka Giovi could only be a tribute to the Le Fauci family and each drink tells the personality and beauty of each of them.

– Giovanni: Wisdom and experience, but also a lot of attention and patience. The drink contains his three passions, Etna wine, fruit brandy and wheat distillate. Pungent, soft and effective.

– Mariella: The mother of the house, strength of the family. Determined, but always kind, authoritarian but at the same time patient. This is how a woman’s brilliance and passion is expressed through a drink.

– Rocco: The first-born of the family, who speaks little and thinks a lot. Don’t be fooled by appearances, he doesn’t joke at all. Calm and studious, yes, but also direct and concise.

– Giuseppe: Competitive and meticulous. An open minded person, always ready to get acquainted. Never tell him something more than once. Joseph aims high and has no limits, except the sky.

Bartender Simone Molè

Simone Molé, born in 1990, born in Modica and raised for the world. He leaves school at 14 to start working in his uncles’ bar. The desire to undertake the journey behind a counter is strong and so begins a long journey, made up of bars, cocktails, waves, music and friends. Oceania and Asia are the stages that shape Simone’s spirit and will lead him to carry out his work with dedication and passion, from simple and humble dishwasher to Bar Supervisor of Freni e Frizioni. The year 2019 was super for Simone, first the inclusion at Lyaness in London and then a Best 8 Final at World Class Italy.

Today he is in Sicily and works for NEO, where he is General Manager and partner. NEO is a brand new bar, located in Cefalù. Simone brought his new Sober brand into the concept of the venue. The “Food & Drinks” menu of the restaurant gives complete attention to the ingredients and their producers, true protagonists of its drinks and dishes.

#SOBERDRINKS represents the simple style Simone believes in. Drinks and food are just the bridge between us, operators, and the real protagonists of our industry, our Guests.